Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Night Messages For Mother

At this time so many boy and girl can use the android mobile phone and in this mobile phone we can use the facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share so many problems in mother and send good messages for good night messages.

Example For Good Night Messages Of Mother:

A mother’s love may be soft, tender and beautiful. But we all know that it needs a woman with a hard, rugged and indestructible spine to give her children everything that they deserve. I love you mom.

Every mother who keeps complaining about the sacrifices she has made to raise a family, should come and meet my mom who always talks about the happiness she has gained from raising one. I love you mom.


Dear mom, I don’t want to be one of those children who realize the worth of their mother’s love only when their moms have passed away. I have already realized the priceless value of your love from the very beginning and I feel like showing some back to you – I love you ma.

No one can understand how a mother feels except another mother. Now that I have become a one myself, I truly understand the amount of love and sacrifice you must have put into raising me. I love you mom.

I did not understand the importance of my mom’s hand holding my finger when I was small. But now I know that she was actually guiding me in the right direction till I became tall. I love you mom.

As bright as the stars in the dark sky
Your dreams will surely shine.
In those dreams I’ll be your knight
My sweet princess, goodnight.

Hush now my little angel,
I’ll be here to keep you warm.
I’ll sing you a goodnight lullaby
And pray to keep you from harm.

Even as the dark night will come
Do not worry because I will keep you calm
You will have your sweet and colorful dreams
The goodnight will be over soon faster than it seems

I wish I was the moon
To see you dream as you sleep
I wish I could see you soon
But tonight it’s your goodnight to keep.

Let’s tuck you in to bed tonight
Close your eyes and say goodnight
Don’t forget to pray
And thank the Lord for another day.